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Teeth whitening is a popular procedure to make your teeth whiter and brighter, and therefore more attractive.

Bleaching can be used to whiten stained and discolored teeth, or simply to enhance a dull smile. Either way, teeth whitening is a safe and relatively painless procedure for most patients. Whitening comes in strips, trays, or in-office procedures. We offer a wide variety of options for you at our practice.

In-Office Whitening Procedures are ideal if you want immediate results. The entire process takes about an hour. To begin, a protective gel is applied to your gums to protect the soft tissue. After a special light-activated gel is applied to your teeth, a light or laser is used to activate the gel agent. After this is completed, you will receive a take-home kit containing gel and instructions to maintain your bright smile.

Tray Whitening is a less-expensive and more convenient at-home whitening treatment. The results are more gradual. An impression is taken at our dental office to create a customized clear tray. Trays are generally ready within a few days, and the patient must follow instructions for how to apply the gel in the trays and how often to use it. Maximum whitening results and a dazzling smile are achieved at the end of the set treatment period. An advantage of this method is that an occasional touch up treatment can be used to maintain the new smile.

Ask about our whitening options! Please consult us about use of over-the-counter whitening treatments as some of them may be ineffective or may produce undesirable results like mismatched crowns or fillings.